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RED SEAL Program

The Red Seal: it stands for excellence.


The Red Seal is a government-supported, inter provincial designation that identifies tradespeople as fully qualified to work in their area of expertise. Bricklaying has been a designated Red Seal trade since 1962.

The Inter provincial Standards Red Seal Program was originally established to give skilled workers greater ability to move across Canada to pursue job opportunities and help minimize labour shortages. It still fulfills this function; but the Red Seal has also become a way for employers to be quickly assured that a job applicant is both knowledgeable and dedicated.

To become Red Seal certified, masons who have already earned their apprenticeship certification must write a Red Seal exam, and receive a passing percentage of at least 70%.  For more information go to:

Between the credibility and mobility that come with Red Seal certification, there’s no question that Red Seal masons have an advantage in the labour market.