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I Want to be a Mason

So you want to be a mason.

We’re glad to hear it. Our trade is looking for good people. If you take pride in your work and like the idea of mastering a skilled trade, masonry may be for you.

Aspiring apprentices should enjoy vigorous physical work, possess good hand-eye coordination and feel at ease working from heights.

Comfort with math, reading and writing will give you a decided advantage, as will an aptitude for precision and practical problem-solving. To pursue certain types of masonry, artistic ability may be helpful. A high school diploma, or its equivalent, is recommended.

Most masonry work is done with a team, so a positive attitude and good interpersonal skills are essential. Candidates should also be willing to comply, and eager to familiarize themselves, with safety rules and regulations.

Masons work primarily outdoors, under a variety of weather conditions. In recent years, advances in the winterization of job sites have led to an increase in year-round employment.

Depending on where your skills and interests lie, your career path may take one or many rewarding turns once your apprenticeship is under your belt.