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Career Path

One Trade. Endless Possibilities.

While the majority of masonry jobs involve laying brick and block in the residential and ICI (Industrial Commercial Institutional) sectors, there are many other avenues open to certified masons. Depending on your own drive and talents, you can choose from many different directions, and go as far as your ambition takes you.

Restoration masons specialize in cleaning, repairing and restoring damaged masonry, and often have the opportunity to work on historically significant buildings. Stone masons are particularly skilled at the demanding tasks of cutting and laying of stone, while stone carvers are artists whose painstaking attention to detail is in high demand for decorative features, statues and reliefs. For each of these careers, patience is a necessary virtue.

Refractory masons build and restore the linings of industrial furnaces, kilns and smelters. They sometimes work in extreme conditions, and are paid accordingly.

Masons with an aptitude for blueprint reading and math may find satisfying work as estimators, while those who possess leadership skills and problem-solving abilities are often sought-after for foreman and supervisory positions.

Have an independent streak? You may opt to become a self-employed contractor. And if your gifts lie with helping colleagues to learn on the job, you may one day find yourself in the position of instructor, guiding apprentices to find the career path that’s right for them. If you like the business end of things, you can go the direction of becoming an estimator or project manager.  It’s up to you.