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360 Superior Blvd.
Mississauga ON L5T 2N7
T: 905.564.6622

CMCA Manufacturer / Supplier Members

Arriscraft International


875 Speedsville Rd.
Box 3190
Cambridge, ON     N3H 4S8
Tel: 800.265.8123
Fax: 519.653.1337

Arriscraft pioneered its environmentally benign Natural Process technology in the 1950s and which it has continued to enhance and refine ever since. Unique blending and production technology produces stone with natural colors, textures and shapes. Low absorption, high density and common masonry requirements leads to design flexibility, durability and affordability.

Blair Building Materials Inc.


10445 Keele St.
PO Box 730
Maple, ON    L6A 1S7Tel: 416.798.4996
Fax: 905.832.1150

Today Blair has become the premier supplier to the masonry contractors with over a 65 year history of supplying the residential, industrial, commercial, institutional and home renovation market throughout the Greater GTA.  Our current location in the Town of Maple is on the east side of Keele Street, 3/4 km north of Major MacKenzie.  The nine acres of land (which Blair moved to in 1979) boast 45,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, allowing us to stock an extensive variety of brand name building material products.  Our expanded fleet of trucks, newly renovated office buildings, ample parking space and loading/unloading areas for full size trucks can also be found at this location.

Blok-Lok Ltd.


12 Ashbridge Circle
Woodbridge, ON     L4L 3R5
Tel: 905.266.2277

Through their vast experience, unmatched technical expertise and a continued dedication to partnership, BLOK-LOK® has grown to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of masonry reinforcing systems and ties.

Brampton Brick Ltd.


225 Wanless Dr.
Brampton, ON    L7A 1E9
Tel: 905.840.1011
Fax: 905.840.6461

Brampton Brick products transform neighborhoods, towns and communities. After all, nothing makes a vital first – and lasting impression like genuine clay brick. Throughout its long history, and into the future, the Brampton Brick team is passionate about building a better brick – a clay brick. Brampton Brick has fostered many enduring partnerships – with architects, builders, masons, suppliers, and employees.The sum of these relationships is why the company proudly says: The perfect partnership starts with Brampton Brick

Brock White Construction Materials


2703 61st Ave SE
Calgary, AB    T2C 4X3
Tel: 403.287.5889
Fax: 403.287.5881

Brock White owns and operates 30 local distribution centers. Check in here to find out what’s going on across different branches and stay informed on company and industry news.

Casey Concrete Ltd.


96 Park St.
Amherts, NS    B4H 2R7
Tel: 902.667.3395
Fax: 902.667.6013

Experience and trust are not something to be gained overnight. Being in business for over 60 years has gained Casey Concrete a reputation we are proud of. Started in 1952 as E.L.Casey Construction Ltd., Casey Concrete has established a record of growth and progress that places the company as a leader in the concrete industry. Experience in all aspects of concrete construction; ready-mix, block and precast allows Casey Concrete to supply more to your project.

Being a third generation family owned business means that the tradition of customer service and working in the communities we live is part of who we are. Casey Concrete supports the communities it helps to build.

From your back doorstep to a multimillion dollar highway project, Casey Concrete aims to exceed expectations. No matter the size of the job, we can customize our products and services to meet your specifications.

Carlisle Coatings & Water Proofing


42 Neilson Dr.
Toronto, ON    M9C
Tel: 416.953.3188
Fax: 416.695.3136

Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM) manufactures a complete range of roofing and waterproofing products for commercial and industrial buildings including single-ply roofing, rigid foam insulations, below grade waterproofing and air/vapor barrier systems focused on the weatherproofing and thermal performance of the building envelope.


CRH Canada Group Inc.


2391 Lakeshore Rd. W.
Mississauga, ON    L5J 1K1
Tel: 416.625.5006
Fax: 905.822.1792

CRH Canada Group Inc. is one of the nation’s leading vertically integrated building materials manufacturers and construction companies. A member of CRH plc, we are a proven provider of innovative cement, aggregate, concrete and construction solutions for building projects across Canada, the Great Lakes Region and the northern US.


Expocrete, an Oldcastle Company


28234 Acheson Rd.
Acheson, AB    T7X 6A9
Tel: 780.962.4010
Fax: 877.646.2754

Expocrete is a recognized leader in western Canada which manufactures and distributes specialized, high-quality concrete hardscape and masonry products. Our corporate office is located in Edmonton with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Edmonton, Acheson, Calgary, Vancouver, Saskatoon and Winnipeg with sales offices located across Western Canada.

Gillis Quarries Limited


2895 Wenzel St.
Winnipeg, MB    R2E 1H4
Tel: 204.222.2242
Fax: 204.222.7849

Gillis Quarries Limited was founded in 1910 by August Gillis and incorporated in 1922.

The company began on a small scale and has grown over the  years into one of Canada’s largest dimensional stone quarries specializing in the fabrication of Tyndall Stone®, a wonderfully unique, mottled, fossilized natural stone.  This rare dolomitic limestone deposit discovered in Garson, Manitoba over 100 years ago has given birth to some of the most beautiful buildings in modern history.

Canada is the only source in the world for this stone, geologically referred to as the Upper Mottled Limestone of the Red River Formation of the Ordovician System.

Let us take you on a 450 million-year journey, bringing the history, beauty and grace of Tyndall Stone alive in its finished forms as you explore an integral part of Canada’s architectural legacy.