Canadian Masonry Contractors Association
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I Want to be a Member


    • Company contacts Provincial Chapter for membership information. If they contact CMCA directly, they will be redirected to their Provincial Chapter
    • Each December, CMCA invoices Provincial Chapters based on membership numbers from previous year
    • Provincial Chapters forward membership fees and current member listing to CMCA
    • CMCA updates contractor membership information
    • Membership dues cover company office only in province where application was made. Other offices must apply separately to their own Provincial Chapter and must pay annual dues as well


  • ** Currently, memberships are only updated once a year when membership renewal notices and invoices are sent the Provincial Chapter. If a new member is signed up with the Provincial Chapter during the course of the year, CMCA is not notified, memberhsip dues are not forwarded accordingly and the contractor is not a CMCA member until the renewal period**

This process will be under review once the website is up and running to make more timely changes to the membership list.

CMCA Contractor Member



    • Company completes membership application and submits it to CMCA, with payment for annual dues
    • The Membership application is presented to the Board of Directors either at a meeting or through email correspondence for approval or results in request for additional information
    • Upon approval, company receives welcome letter, dues are deposited and membership information is updated at CMCA
      • Annual Membership dues for Associates cover all offices across Canada. (Unlike Contractors, additional dues are not paid for other provinces)


  • Associate members can apply at any time throughout the year and membership dues are prorated depending on when the membership is approved

CMCA Associate Member Application