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As Canada’s organization for masonry contractors, everything we do is geared towards keeping the industry vital, relevant and informed.

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CMCA: The Pulse of the Industry Since 1967

To most Canadians, the year 1967 has significance as the year in which Canada celebrated its centennial. But to Canada’s masonry contractors, the year has particular meaning.  After years of discussion and debate, those contractors finally took the first decisive step in creating what would become the Canadian Masonry Contractors Association.

The industry’s problems were growing rapidly, and neither local nor provincial associations were strong enough to deal with them effectively.  More and more government regulations were being imposed; competition among contractors was intense; and the design profession was no longer dedicated to brick and stone. Most critically of all, apprenticeship training could not keep pace with the demand.  A strong voice at the national level was essential, as everyone involved with this project was aware.

Today, the Canada Masonry Contractors Association has seven chapters and more than 200 members. Provincial chapters operate independently, and representatives of each chapter sit on the CMCA Board of Directors. At the annual conference and AGM the conversation continues at a national level. Time and time again, we’ve advanced the industry through strategic investments made in research, marketing, education and lobbying.